Facts About the Hand Held Scanner


Hand scanner technology has been a resource point for people looking to buy computer accessories since the 90’s.

A hand held document scanner for barcodes reads recordable data from products that carry special information that they understand. This data is then forwarded to computer databases where the hand held computer scanner data is recorded to regulate inventory, process payments, update records or whatever the particular need in mind might be.

Many industries use hand held barcode scanner technology.


Because hand held barcode scanner devices work really well in industrial design, reverse engineering, inspection & analysis, digital manufacturing and medical applications arenas. The ease of carrying such devices around within a large facility makes them the ideal tools for recording necessary barcode data. In today’s industry it is common to find them in checkout stands, library counters and other desktop structured locations.

They make great order takers as long as that pesky barcode has not been bent up to bad.

An interesting point about the hand scanner includes the missing enter key. How does a hand held computer scanner know when it is time to receive the data?

The release of the trigger after scanning is interpreted as information entered into the system which is then sent to the network and processed according to the purposes of the device.

A hand held computer scanner includes both a barcode scanner (which captures the data) and a decoder (which translates the data). In the early years you would find these as two separate and specific parts of equipment. Most hand scanners that you find on the market today buy computer accessories that include both parts as one unit unless you have special technology needs with unique circumstances.

It is recommended to go with the latest technology within hand scanners as your resource point when needing to purchase this type of computer accessory.


Technology is always advancing, and this is no exception for the hand held scanner.



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